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Dressing on the side

Written by: Brett Haynie

In honor of #internationalwomensday, I think it’s important to talk about the current trend of power dressing.  This term refers to the time when women entered the workforce, beckoning back to big shoulders, pops of color, and statement-making accessories; walk into any store on Madison and these are the looks you are sure to see. The #MeToo movement and the gender pay gap have obviously played a role in the return of these trends - women are a force to be reckoned with and these clothes are here to prove it!

Power dressing today can mean so much more than strong tailoring or punchy prints and colors;  it’s oftentimes a frame of mind. I have clients who feel most powerful in head-to-toe black, while others love to throw on playful pops of color; clients who feel formidable in a great pair of heels, and others who prefer the liberation of a flat.  There is not one answer here - find what makes you feel like a #girlboss and go with it! Most of my clients reject current trends in lieu of what they know works for them - and I think that is the key here.  Your style does not have to restrict or limit you, it should instead empower you!

I think it’s worth noting that while great personal style can boost confidence, true self worth comes from within. A professor of mine used to tell me to “get up, dress up, and show up.”  To me, this means that an outfit is only as good as the person wearing it. Let your personal style help you not only to show up, but to show the world who you truly are.

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Denim Life #jeansshopping #denim #gap #shoppingday


Jean shopping is one of the most horrifying experiences under the sun. Here are your staple jean styles(everyone should have) and tips to try on your next shopping trip. Click the image to see more and shop or follow the link below! xx yours in style, AB


Coveting Designer Style Series #shopping #looksforless #styletips #highlowstyle #womenswear


Ever wanted to look like you stepped off the runway? I've been reviewing all the A/W 18 shows and thought I'd help show you how easy it is to create your own look just like you stepped off Tommy Hilfiger's runway. This features both mens and womens looks. Tommy always hits the mark when it comes to americana heritage style. Click the image or follow the link below and see how you can create your own runway look for FRACTION of the price.  xx yours in style, AB


Coveting Designer Style Series #shopping #looksforless #styletips #highlowstyle

Jill Sanders Series...

Ever wanted to look like you stepped off the runway? I've been reviewing all the A/W 18 shows and thought I'd help show you how easy it is to create your own look just like you stepped off Jill Sanders runway. Click the image of follow the link below to see how it's done. xx yours in style, AB



12 Essential Pieces #wardrobeessentials @pgeveryday #styletips #musthave

Getting dressed shouldn't be that hard. It's my goal as a wardrobe consultant for you to be prepared for everything life throws at you. Check out what I had to say that will help you narrow down your pieces and get ready in a flash! Click image to read or follow the link below. xx yours in style, AB


Stylist Tips for a successful capsule wardrobe #workwardrobe #capsulewardrobe #fashion #shopping @hercampus

We don't need a ton of clothing in our closet. I've found that the less you have the better. Read this piece from hercampus.com and find out which items I believe are MUST-HAVE staples to start a successful and thought through wardrobe. Click the image or follow link below. xx yours in style, AB.


How To dress like a grown up without breaking the bank #cnnmoney #shopping #workwardrobe #graduation

With graduation right around the corner student's need to start thinking about their RWW(real world wardrobe). Check out what I had to say in this CNN Money article. Click the image or follow this link below.

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Drug Store Steals #beauty #loreal #garnier #beautyfinds



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I rarely spend huge amount's of money on beauty products anymore. I used to spend TONS of on make up, fancy hair products and would get prescription after prescription from my dermatologist because I thought I had troublesome skin that could only be cured by chemicals. Well, I've been trying to match my routine with affordable brands and I really believe it's very easy to do. 

With all the brands to choose from at stores like CVS and Walgreens why not try to find your favorite! Here are my go to's. Click the pic to shop them and learn what I use them for.

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Written by: Brett Haynie

When Allie asked me to contribute to Before You Leave the House…, I didn’t have to look very far to find inspiration: namely, our combined closets.  Allie loves sharp tailoring and menswear inspired pieces but still loves to feel girly, while I am a womenswear fanatic who is perhaps less ostentatious in personal style than the fashions I so studiously follow.  So how do we add these gender-neutral items to our wardrobes without feeling overwhelmed and downright conspicuous?  While I don’t suggest men wear heels (although I’ve seen a few totally work it) or women wear cargo shorts (Carrie Bradshaw aside), I do suggest pulling inspiration from the opposite sex.

Allie loves wearing a great men’s shirt; luckily for her, she’s a stylist and knows how to pull it off.  I think an oversized shirt on top (mens or womens) calls for something slimming on bottom: think pencil skirts, leather skinnies, or your favorite pair of skinny jeans. But you can go beyond just styling a great menswear piece by adding an inspired piece: pair a sharply tailored blazer with a pleated skirt, throw on a beautiful combat boot with an oversized cashmere and skinny jeans, or add a leather biker jacket to a slinky slip dress.  The key here is juxtaposition - a touch of masculine to a feminine shape or color palette reads super chic.  

My male readers are probably wondering by now how I translate womenswear into every day mens looks, and the answer is simple: borrow sparingly.  Mix up your suit with a turtleneck of the same color for a monochromatic look, swap your jeans for a cropped trouser and sneakers, or add a floral loafer to your shoe rotation.  These three examples are ones I pulled straight from my closet and have worked for me, so take the risk and see what happens for you!

So whether you are stepping out with your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day or gearing up for a fun weekend away with friends, keep these style hacks in mind and you’ll be sure to catch someone special’s eye!  

Get Your Glam On Girls


With the holiday season in full swing, everyone wants to know what to wear to all of the holiday parties they have coming up! Especially how to avoid the dreaded "that's a bit much..." feeling or unfortunately look. 

If you are too fab for a the go-to LBD(which shouldn't be your go to anyways this time of year) sift through these fantastic pieces. Texture and shine are key this season. Lots of velvets, silk, metallic and pops of rich color. Red is a huge color this season(surprised surprise).

Not going to give too much away so have fun exploring! Click each image below to shop.

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Must Have Outerwear F/W

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1. Streamlined Puffer: Puffers are A-Must for your winter wardrobe. To temper too much bulk, find ones that come with streamlined details. 

2. Leather Moto: Skins are always great pieces to have. I love this buttery camel and the easy shape works with the right proportioned outfit. 

3. Minimalist Wool: Pick your minimal coat with slim-fit silhouette to avoid overwhelming. There shouldn't be much detail. This is your hero coat and you should invest in a great one!

4. Menswear-Inspired Tailoring: Tailored coats will fit your frame and are your best bet for looking polished and feminine. Look for ones with minimal details in a luxe fabric or pattern such as plaid!

5. Zip-front: This silhouette was made for winter layering—the hip-grazing style is perfect for showing off a sweater's high-low hemline or your fabulous high-rise denim or trouser.

xoxo yours in style, 


Pressing reset to #REFRESH your wardrobe #fallrefresh #style #fallfashion


This fall season is all about new textures and shapes. As the weather shifts and gets a bit cooler the first thing we think to do it layer. 

These 3 must have pieces this fall will help update your look by adding novelty, tie details and of course subtle color. It's all about mixing dense fabrics with romantic styling details. 

Your wool cape will add an effortless style your outwear with a touch of elegance. Styling should be super simple and all the other pieces should be sleek and no fuss!

A dramatic silk tie neck blouse adds a bit of feminism and whimsy. You can pair with a slim bottom or a high waist wide-leg trouser to get the complete look.

Any grey suede shoe will do! I prefer a crop boot with a short stack heel but it's really all about the soft fabric and subtle color here. Grey is the new nude!

xoxo yours in style,