All About Those Legs

I'm uber aware of my legs in the winter. With all the layers we wear on top we need the party to be on the bottom! I find myself trying to make each look I pull together during these dreary cold months more interesting then the next. This presents a challenge when you must cover your legs. Pants and tights can really make a different in your entire look! I know you all tend to lean to the tried and true black leggings that are super warm and comfortable but don't do much to play up your style. You know the pair.... 

Well, I have a solution! Try adding some novelty like texture, print, color...and of course...a little frosting!

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My Atheleisure Obsession

I've never been one to spend a ton of money on running gear. Like most people I have some Lululemon and Under Armour but don't get decked head to toe in one particular brand.

I no longer belong to a brick and mortar gym so the elements dictate my workout schedule. Last winter, I wasn't doing much running because of all the snow. This year I was determined to find a few pieces that will let me be outside in the freezing cold and get my run-on. 

I was just visiting the arctic, otherwise known as Chicago, and found myself in an Athleta store. I've walked in a few times to location around the corner from my apartment in NYC because my dog likes to say hi to the store associates and do a lap. I've never tried anything on let alone bought a thing!

I can't stop raving about these pants(*Ski Line Polartec 2 Tight ($84)) and pullover jacket(*Vortex Half Zip ($118)). I can be outside, in 16 degree weather, and not even feel a bit of a chill. They are a must in my book!

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My Shoe-session

Sophia Webster Shoes From Bergdorf Goodman

I'm not going to say it's a "problem" just yet but I think I'm teetering along the line of obsession. I tried to real myself in recently by creating a shoe budget but it seems impossible for me not LOVE shoes! I have way more than one would ever need. When my shoes would no longer fit in my closet and started to line my floors it sparked a bit of concern. Nothing to fret over just yet but I took notice. 

I tend to dress on the casual side and my personal philosophy is a white v-neck t shirt goes with ANYTHING so styling my looks with a statement shoe is a must. I like shoes that can make an outfit and Sophia Webster shoes do just that. It's like wearing a work of art on your feet!

I was perusing 5F the other day and came across these Sophia Webster shoes. The Riko and the Chiara. These are just a smidge of what you will find in her collections. Fun and flirty, her shoes will make anyone smile. 

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A Cool Way To Repurpose An Event Dress Without Any Alterations!

Summer is the season for parties and black tie events. Most of us have multiple weddings to go to and most of you will invest in those outfits. Whether it's black tie or beach, you buy said dress hoping to re-wear it again at some point because you spent an arm or both legs on it.

The other day I went shopping for an event I was planning on attending. While in the dressing room trying on some pretty pieces the sales associate offered me a pair of heels to try on with my long printed skirt and matching crop top. Although I was wearing my handy dandy white Sperry sneakers I politely declined. A few minutes later my mind immediately started running…I thought to myself: “Yes, I get that one would want to see the whole look together as they imagined in their head”. A pretty dress and strappy heels for a summer black tie event. I already knew which shoe I’d be wearing and found it really fun to see this look with a sneaker. 

Todays’ lesson revolves around the importance of accessorizing. I’m all about finding pieces that I can wear multiple ways.  That’s why I have TONS of jewelry, shoes, etc. I always want to get the most for my money and swapping the little accents is my trick. I get different looks and more bang for my buck! 

I recently wore a beautiful neon peach Elizabeth and James gown. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. The fluidity of the dress and the peek-a-boo overlay panels were breathtaking. I styled the dress with metallic gold strappy sandals from Zara and accessorized with a few gold bracelets.

But now what? How to style this dress a different way to I can wear it again?

My personal style is more sneakers then strappy sandals so I had a thought! What if I were to wear this dress with my white Sperry sneakers (al-la dressing room fashion), a Sanctuary soft floral print bomber jacket that I had just bought and top off the ensemble with a backpack? It seemed like a good idea in my head so I tried it on. Voile! A second way to wear the dress I fell in love with.

Moral of this story is don’t assume that when buying a formal piece that you will never be able to wear it any other way then it was intended. Try out different accessories with it! You might be pleasantly surprised how many great looks you create around that one special piece. 

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Allie Brandwein in an Elizabeth and James dress.jpg
Allie Brandwein in Elizabeth and James dress styled for a less formal look.

Print Mix Like A Pro!

Allie Brandwein print mixing in Canyon Clover bra top, Elizabeth and James culottes and French Connection mules.
Allie Brandwein print mixing in Canyon Clover bra top, Elizabeth and James culottes and French Connection mules.
Allie-Brandwein print mixing.

Mixing prints can be a challenge. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are trying this trend. If you follow them you will be sure to look great!

Don’t mix more than two prints per look.  Look for prints that are in similar fabrications and feeling. It’s important that the line work in both prints make good friends. Take a moment to think about if the prints you picked are harmonious. For example: Do not mix a hard geo with a soft water color floral.

Next, the colors! Both prints should have almost all the same colors. If you are mixing one multi print then the second should be a bi-color. Don’t mix two multi-color prints. It’s overwhelming. The two colors in the bi-color print should both be in the multi-color print. Then it’s ok to add a pop of another color somewhere in your look.

If possible, one out of the two prints should be inverted. For example; you have two prints with black and white in them. You should see more black and white in one print and the other print you should see less. Playing with scale is another option. One can be a microprint the other can be exploded.

Make sure to break up the look with something solid. Pick on of the solid colors in your look and add a jacket, vest or a solid shoe. Keep your accessories to a minimum. There's a lot happening in an outfit with mixed prints so no need to over-design.

If you follow all these tips you will end up with a harmonious aesthetic and will be print mixing like a pro!

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Fashion doesn't have to be painful

I'm 100% guilty of buying extremely uncomfortable shoes and saying things like "Oh, I'll break them in" or " I'll just stay seated the whole time". Well, that isn't reality is it ladies? Once a shoe is on my foot all bets are off. I can potentially have a very painful and uncomfortable situation on my hands(or feet!). Throughout my years of wearing heels I've found some easy ways to keep your feet pain free! 

Tip #1-

Get Dr. Scholl's messaging gel insoles and put them in every high heel you have. They work wonders. They extend the time you are able to wear your high heels. 

Tip #2-

The thinner the heel the more uncomfortable they are so opt for a chunkier heel to give you more support. 

Now read this article to find out how you can stretch your shoes from the comfort of your own freezer!  13 Ways to make your high heels more comfortable.

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How to look chic in culottes

I recently wore these beautiful blush culottes from Club Monaco for the latest installment on Venti Moka "How to wear summer neutrals" video. When I purchased them I really didn't think they were very "me". After shooting the video and seeing all the still shots I fully changed my perspective. I LOVE culottes! 

What exactly are culottes you ask? Well, they are pants that hang like a skirt. So, if you aren't in the mood for a skirt then these short pants are the perfect piece of clothing to wear. 

Check out this article 6 ways to wear the awkward culottes trend without looking awkward at all and go get a pair or two!

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How to look chic in summer neutral dressing

Welcome back to Venti Moka!  This week we're going to show you some effortlessly chic ways to wear SUMMER NEUTRALS.  These looks will keep you looking cool while the temperature heats up!

Neutrals don't have to be boring...have fun with new silhouettes and interesting details! We paired some blush colored culottes with a fresh modern white crop top. A beautiful embellished beaded mini-skirt is perfectly balanced with a simple cropped top.  Complete the look with great jewelry and you're set.  These outfits will easily take you from backyard BBQ to sunset cocktails by the water!

Thanks for watching.

Allie & Monique


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Allie's look- 



Shoes, Zara LY
Haitian Beaded Tassel Necklace,

Monique's look-



Shoes, unavailable

Black Pave Diamond Ring

Black Pave Hexagon Ring

Black Pave Double Hexagon Ring

Beaded Bracelet

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Before you leave the house...

Retro is the new black 

70’s era fashion is on of the biggest themes this spring. I was never one for the 70’s inspired looks but I turned a corner. Everywhere I go, everything I see right now is an inspirational nod to classic boho chic.  

Here are just a few of my tops picks to get the retro look:

  • Mirrored sunglasses

It's all about seeing yourself through someone else's eyes. Literally. You can also play with fun lens colors too! Gold, silver, blue-purple and green-blue are all fun options.

  • Polo Shirts

Seen on spring/summer '15 runways like Chanel and Balenciaga this classic item is now fashion forward. Guys, pull on a short sleeved zip up polo sweater and paired with slacks, a great black shoe and you are all set for after work drinks. If you are having a bad hair day you can style a color block polo shirt with a fedora.

Ladies, just a simple polo shirt and jeans will do the trick. Try styling your polo with an ankle length pant or find novelty in your look by rocking a stripe or print.

  • Wide legged jeans

Style this look with a chunky shoe + Crisp white button down + Crop trench and of course the perfect pair of sunnies. 

Monthly style tips from yours truly xoxo

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